Career & Technical School Programs

The Preferred Curriculum for Career and Technical Schools

I-CAR provides the industry standard for training that contributes to complete, safe and quality collision repairs. This includes our longstanding role in educating tomorrow’s collision repair professionals by licensing our curriculum to technical schools and colleges. Today, more than 600 career and technical schools across the U.S. offer collision repair programs based on I-CAR’s curriculum.

I-CAR's flagship Professional Development Program - Education Edition™ (PDP-EE), which was developed specifically for career and technical schools, significantly advances I-CAR's offerings in this area. Focused largely on hands-on learning, the PDP-EE equips students with role-relevant knowledge and extensive practical experience. Students graduate with the industry-recognized Platinum™ designation and the skills they need to enter the workforce as productive collision repair professionals.

The PDP-EE is based on the same curriculum and courses as our regular PDP for industry professionals. Adapted for use by technical school instructors, it includes a variety of special tools and aids that make it easy for instructors to implement the program. It also includes I-CAR’s Intro to Collision Repair Series, which helps students build a foundation in basic collision repair concepts and terminology before they begin their technical learning.

Do you have questions about how the PDP-EE can help prepare your students for a successful career in collision repair? Call the I-CAR Career and Technical School Hotline at 888.422.7211 or email today!