Collision Repair Road to Gold (R2G)

A Shop that is Actively Pursuing Gold Class® Designation is Considered on the Road to Gold.

A business is on the Road to Gold (R2G) for 12 months. During this time a shop trains to meet ProLevel® training requirements to become Gold Class.

As soon as you begin the Road to Gold journey, you will receive R2G benefits, such as ongoing support and training tools from the I-CARE Customer Support Team. For more information on Road to Gold program rules visit the PDP Manual.

Role Relevant Training

To earn the Gold Class recognition, businesses must achieve and maintain a high level of role-relevant training across each of the major collision repair roles:

This is measured by achievement and maintenance of Platinum™ recognition, earned through I-CAR Professional Development Program™ training.

The four Role Reps listed above must achieve and maintain Platinum status. All employees directly involved in the repair of vehicles do not have to achieve Platinum, but must complete six credit hours of role-relevant PDP or Welding training each year.

To recognize businesses that are committed to a high level of training and safety, I-CAR also offers the following specialty role designations:

These roles are NOT required for the business to achieve Gold Class.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is commitment made to joining Road to Gold?

To be on the Road to Gold, facilities simply contact Customer Care, set-up their roster, and commit to achieving Gold Class in 12 months. A FREE Road to Gold Orientation Class is also available.

Who are Role Reps?

Does I-CAR offer any additional roles?

Do all of my technicians have to train?

How many classes do I have to take?

What is the timeframe for Road to Gold?

Is there a recommended training schedule to help my facility achieve Gold Class in 12 months?

Am I eligible for Insurance or OEM partner programs on the Road to Gold?