Vehicle & Technology Specific Training

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Performing complete, safe, and quality repairs on today’s complex vehicles requires advanced knowledge of the exact vehicle needing repairs. In the U.S. alone, OEMs introduce over 100 vehicle changes every year in order to keep up with rapidly advancing technologies and increasingly stricter CAFE standards. Knowing how to repair the advanced materials and technologies featured on this new breed of vehicles is now more critical than ever.

I-CAR partners with vehicle makers and technology providers to provide collision repair professionals the education and knowledge they need to repair vehicle models with the latest technology. Over time, we have added courses specific to models, materials and new technology. The Vehicle and Technology Specific Training curriculum will change as models come and go and new technologies emerge. We are constantly working on new offerings to ensure that the industry has the best information available.

If you aren’t training, you’re falling behind.

Nissan GT-R® Repair Series

On March 5, 2018, I-CAR released a three-course series on the high-performance Nissan GT-R. The online series contracted by Nissan is part of the Vehicle and Technology Specific Training curriculum. The courses, or prior completion of the discontinued hands-on GT-R training, are required for GT-R Certified Collision Centers.
The three courses in the series are offered only in a one-price package. Courses in the package include:

Nissan GT-R®
A review of the GT-R Heritage, vehicle construction and special materials are in the first course. The importance of the GT-R Certified Collision Repair Network is presented.

Nissan GT-R® - Repair Considerations
Topics include damage analysis, structural repair procedures, aluminum and carbon fiber-specific considerations, CELETTE bench requirements and paint considerations.

Nissan GT-R® - Diagnostics
Learn about the importance of diagnostic scanning of the GT-R, safety features offered in the vehicle and electrical considerations.

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Completion of these courses alone does not certify a shop to repair Nissan GT-R vehicles. For more information or questions regarding becoming a GT-R Certified Collision Center, please contact or visit to begin the shop application process. To locate a shop in your area that is GT-R Certified, please visit

NEW COURSE DECEMBER 2017 - 2018 Expedition and Navigator Aluminum Body Repair

October 2017 Release

In October 2017, I-CAR introduced nine Vehicle and Technology Specific Training courses:

-  Camera Calibration, Inspection, and Initialization Requirements
-  Calibration Requirements for Blind Spot and Parking Assist Systems
-  Vehicle Technology and Trends 2018
-  General Motors (GM) Company Collision Repair Overview
-  Understanding Volkswagen Collision Repair
-  Steering Angle Sensor Overview and Diagnostics
-  Understanding Volvo Collision Repair
-  Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures
-  Windshields and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

For a limited time, I-CAR is offering three convenient packages of these Vehicle and Technology Specific Training courses. Choose your package and save.

Full Package - Save 15%

Featuring all nine new courses.  Register for the full package and save 15%

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Package 1 - Save 10%

Includes all OEM and vehicle specific courses plus the Vehicle Technology and Trends course.

General Motors Company Collision Repair Overview
Understanding Volvo Collision Repair
Understanding Volkswagen Collision Repair
Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2018

Register for Package 1 and save 10%

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Package 2 - Save 10%

Select this package to get the four new courses that feature repair and calibration of many advanced driver assist systems to save 10%.

Camera Calibration, Inspection, and Initialization Requirements
Calibration Requirements for Blind Spot and Parking Assist Systems
Steering Angle Sensor Overview and Diagnostics
Windshields and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

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Honda/Acura Package

I-CAR is offering a special Honda/Acura Package that includes the following lineup of Honda-developed, I-CAR-delivered courses at a special discounted rate.

-  Using Honda and Acura Service Information
-  Honda & Acura High-Strength Steel Repair
-  Honda & Acura Restraints Collision Repair
-  Honda & Acura Electrical Collision Repair
-  Honda & Acura A/C Collision Repair
-  Honda & TPMS Collision Repair

Purchase the Honda/Acura Package to receive all 6 courses for the price of 5. Courses may still be purchased individually at the standard rate.


Package restrictions

  • For single student use only.  Courses from the package cannot be split up and distributed to multiple students.
  • Once any of the courses have been taken, no refunds are available, and no transfers to a different student are available.