Welding Training & Certification

I-CAR’s Welding Training & Certification is the one-of-a-kind training program created by the industry, for the industry. The in-shop, hands-on program not only provides technicians with the skills they need, but also checks your facility’s infrastructure, equipment and tools for proper set up.

Each of the courses includes:

  • A Capability and Readiness Assessment - to ensure the facility’s equipment and infrastructure are ready

  • Course Training - Including welding theory, setting up welding equipment, safety, and welding techniques

  • Practice Performing Welds - hands-on practice for multiple welds and metal thicknesses

  • Certification Test - Students must perform a variety of welds in vertical and overhead positions. The welds must pass visual and/or destructive testing in order to receive certification. Certification must be renewed every five years.

A Comprehensive Approach to Welding Skills Development

Preparation is the key. A structured plan for welding training is your best approach to achieve certifications, designations, and ultimately perform complete, safe and quality welds on a variety of materials used in today’s vehicles. The training intensity and demands increase with each step along the path.