Need a solution related to collision repair or collision repair training? I-CAR can help.

I-CAR's core expertise in collision repairability and collision repair training gives us a unique ability to provide solutions to your repairability and training challenges.

Repairability Technical Support

I-CAR's Repairability Technical Support initiative includes several tools to support the industry more broadly in performing complete, safe and quality repairs. These include establishment of an online Repairability Technical Support Portal, a "linking pin" process to enhance communications between OEMs and the collision repair industry, repairability summits of industry experts to identify and close collision repair gaps, and new technical Industry Segment Advisory Councils (ISACs).

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Repairability Consulting

I-CAR offers unrivaled technical expertise to assist OEMs in vehicle repairability. Our technical team can offer support in designing vehicles for repairability, collaborate with OEMs in creating repair procedures for new vehicles, solving post-launch repair issues, and assist in creating user-friendly repair procedures and videos.

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Outsourced Training Program Development and Delivery

Developing and delivering collision repair training is I-CAR's core competency. We have extensive experience creating and implementing custom training programs for OEMs, insurers and collision repair MSOs. Our training solutions range from complete development and delivery of custom training programs to licensing of our instructional content to complement your existing curriculum.

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